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Bug#809623: RFS: telegram-purple/1.2.3-1


>Seems like it, true, but sadly is necessary. The package is in version 
>control, and unless we provide pre-bundled origtars somewhere (which 
>won't happen), this has to build the origtar by invoking "make dist" in 
>the source tree.

why you cant provide pre-bundled origtars? I know some project that does exactly the same.

they have submodules and when they tag a new release, they also upload the version together
with the "minimal" one


>Now this is getting absurd: the whole point of dh get-orig-source is to >support people for who "git pull" is too complicated. But suddenly I can 
>assume that git is installed, although git is not pulled by build-essential?

I'm not talking about buildd machines. uscan usually is called by *developers*
who want to try to build the package.

e.g. a normal user does apt-get source telegram-purple (because it is outdated
and he want the new and shiny version)

he do the apt-get source, he do the uscan --debug, and at the end he can build
everything (maybe an uupdate).
(let us assume the new release doesn't need packaging changes of course)

>Well, either that, or roughly 8 packages that are absolutely and utterly 
>useless building libtgl. (I'm not overestimating! 3 packages for 
>tl-parser and tgl each, plus 2 packages for "generate")
>I agree with you that this should be avoided at *most* costs, but not at 
>*all* costs.

I fully agree there, if it can be avoided fine, but if not... we should deal
with a common sense and a trade-off.

Now I come with a question.
You want to maintain the package only in Debian? or in all linux distro around the globe?

you are doing the repack work as Debian work, this means that other linux derivatives
won't ever gain from the work, and they will need to do it again.

Pushing the tarball (complete and reduced) upstream, will save a lot of work for everybody

and simplify a lot the Debian packaging
(just a simple watch file, with no repack at all).

Do you agree on this point?
(I'm not saying my POV is the correct one, but sometimes Upstream and Debian have to fight a little
bit and find a common way :) )



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