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Bug#809623: RFS: telegram-purple/1.2.3-1

* d/README.source
    - In upstream README.md you tell Debian Maintainers to use the
genorigtar.sh. Looking at Policy §4.14, I think README.source should
also instruct to do that.

* Paul Wise already wondered if libtgl should be separately packaged.
The related Debian Policy bit is §4.13 [3]

[Follow-up Mail]

 * Please install the appdata file. You can do this with dh_install(1)
by creating a file called debian/install with this line in it:
telegram-purple.metainfo.xml usr/share/appdata
or by making the upstream build system install the file.

Here's my initial attempt at writing a README.source that covers all topics (displaying the content does not require you to clone or do anything, works even without JavaScript) :


Is this an acceptable way to write up all rationales?

The other fixes are "in the pipeline" (mostly already done in git), but the next upload to mentors may take another day or three.

I'll post some of the things discovered by check-all-the-things (e.g. a new error from cppcheck, spelling mistakes in debug messages, etc.) as pull requests to the respective repositories. However, none of them need immediate attention or can be considered a bug. (The cppcheck-thing looks pretty concerning, but I understand enough of the code to verify that the uninitialized values are never read, so it's good enough, considering the PR I'll make against tgl.)


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