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Re: Changing maintainer for package in mentors

Initially, Hugues Morrisset was entered as Maintainer and Ben Wiederhake
(me) as Uploader in debian/rules. However, Hugues has gone inactive and
agreed that I take the lead in debianizing telegram-purple. But now
mentors won't let me do anything, because I'm not the maintainer in the
eyes of the system.

yes, this is a known issue, because e.g. you can't remove the package,
but I guess it is a "non-issue"
because the package content should be correct anyway.

The package *content* is correct, true. But not the metadata!

For the record, in case someone has the same issue again:
Ask the "Maintainer" (in my case: Hugues Morrisset) to delete the package, wait a minute, and upload it again from the right account. This seems to reset all metadata in mentors.

With regards
Ben Wiederhake

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