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Re: RFS: snetmanmon, a simple network manager and monitor

Am 11.01.2016 um 21:22 schrieb Gianfranco Costamagna:

and fix the below:
-changelog: one single entry with "initial debian version or whatever and Closes: #ITP bug"
-control: seems fine, you can drop the debug package now that Debian has ddbg infrastructure
(automatic debug packages creation)
  std-version should be 3.9.6

Can do that.

-format should be 3.0 quilt not native

That doesn't work. I already have had spend time before with trying to use 3.0 and it didn't played well with the build system I'm using for snetmanmon (cmake).

git describe --tags --abbrev=4 HEAD > version

Ah, yes, have forgotten that. But if you'r building snetmanmon from source (and with source I mean its git repository) you already have git installed. I've not spend time to look up how to build a working source package (which would not require git). So something else might be needed for a source package (e.g. a fixed file named 'version').

you use git and you don't have it in the build-dependencies?
this means probably the package can't build in a clean environment, please
use pbuilder/sbuild to test it (or pbuilder-dist, my favourite)

mkdir -p debian/snetmanmon/etc
cp snetmanmon.conf.full_example  debian/snetmanmon/etc/snetmanmon.conf

I would prefer being upstream to install the file in etc,
and for sure use of "install" instead of cp

That cp there isn't used to install anything in the target system. It just is used to copy the file into the directory used to build the debian package. Reason is the same as I mentioned before in regard to the copyright. I don't want files with the same content in my source repository just because the debian package build system requires them. That means I want the various example configuration files wherever I seem them to fit in the source repository of snetmanmon, but not where Debian or some other package build system requires them. The resulting package will install them just fine in /etc.

echo "   snetmanmon is copyright (c) 2015 by Alexander Holler" >debian/copyright
echo "" >>debian/copyright
echo "License:" >>debian/copyright
echo "" >>debian/copyright
cat LICENSE >> debian/copyright

nack. the copyright file should be not auto generated, because ftpmasters will reject it.
(and maybe in machine-readable format)

Already discussed in the previous mail.

please fix the above, or ask about how to fix it, and open an RFS bug



you can also just say "usr" here ;)

Will test it. Will see when I find the time.


Alexander Holler

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