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Re: RFS: snetmanmon, a simple network manager and monitor


>The copyright for snetmanmon isn't autogenerated, it's part of the 
>README. What I'm generating here is the file which is necessary for the 
>debian package, mainly because I don't want to have the GPL in the 
>standard LICENSE file and in debian/copyright. And that is something I 
>likely will not change. Otherwise I would end up with various files for 
>various packaging systems which all are containing the same text of the 
>I wonder what ftpmasters would reject. The resulting package has the 
>usual debian copyright file and the source (the contents of my git repo) 
>contains the standard README and LICENSE.

if you upload a source-only package
e.g. dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa
the file won't be there, e.g. not shown on PTS

because it won't be part of the "clean" debian directory.

it might be installed on the end user system (I didn't check this)
but it needs to be inside the debian directory.

(I might argue about fixing this issue by generating it in dh_auto_clean target)



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