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Re: RFS: snetmanmon, a simple network manager and monitor

Hi, such requests disappears quickly from the mentors list.

Can you please open an RFS bug for your package?

>I'm unsure if I have to provide an already built package too.

you don't need, it is stripped by mentors.d.o website, and useless in a
review context.

please learn how to upload on mentors (appreciated, but not requested)

and fix the below:
-changelog: one single entry with "initial debian version or whatever and Closes: #ITP bug"
-control: seems fine, you can drop the debug package now that Debian has ddbg infrastructure
(automatic debug packages creation)
 std-version should be 3.9.6

-format should be 3.0 quilt not native

>git describe --tags --abbrev=4 HEAD > version

you use git and you don't have it in the build-dependencies?
this means probably the package can't build in a clean environment, please
use pbuilder/sbuild to test it (or pbuilder-dist, my favourite)

>mkdir -p debian/snetmanmon/etc
>cp snetmanmon.conf.full_example  debian/snetmanmon/etc/snetmanmon.conf

I would prefer being upstream to install the file in etc,
and for sure use of "install" instead of cp

>echo "   snetmanmon is copyright (c) 2015 by Alexander Holler" >debian/copyright
>echo "" >>debian/copyright
>echo "License:" >>debian/copyright
>echo "" >>debian/copyright
>cat LICENSE >> debian/copyright

nack. the copyright file should be not auto generated, because ftpmasters will reject it.
(and maybe in machine-readable format)

please fix the above, or ask about how to fix it, and open an RFS bug



you can also just say "usr" here ;)

(this is a quick review, only based to something seen on github)



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