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Re: perl daemon

On 10/23/2012 09:38 PM, willem kuyn wrote:
> Hi,
> I made some software in Perl for a client/server environment.
> Clients are starting a virtual machine on the server with the
> desktop displayed on the client. This software is used for
> almost a year in an internet cafe for senior citizens. 
> Now i want to package this software for debian and I’m
> producing scripts for start, stop and upgrading the package.

start and stop is done with /etc/init.d/ scrtips. For a proper upgrade
of a package look at scripts you have to create in your debian directory


Check out the upgrading section

> In the software there are daemons for communication and server
> command execution all in Perl. It is not quit clear to me how
> to do this (in the correct debian way) and maybe you can point
> me to an example in the huge repository.

dh_make helps you creating the skeleton for the package. One of the
thing it generates is a init.d script skeleton

I have my own perl daemonize option, but i ended up using
start-stop-daemon (a program that daemonize your program) instead as is
what most debian programs use and gives you all the tools needed for the
init script.

You can check out an example of it in my package:

Also notice that most of people that package perl in debian prefer to
use Makefile.PL to package perl programs and modules for debian instead
of the regular packaging, even tho I didnt use it myself :)


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