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Bug#684220: RFS: tinysvm/0.09-1 [ITP] -- SVM trainer and classifier toolkit

On 08/08/2012 06:26 AM, Giulio Paci wrote:
It builds those binary packages:

   libtinysvm1 - TinySVM shared library
   libtinysvm1-dbg - TinySVM debug symbols
   libtinysvm1-dev - TinySVM development files

Could you *PLEASE* write a short description which gives
information that are *not* on the name of the package?

- don't only write these are shared libs
- don't only write it's about tinysvm
- don't only write -dev is a development lib
- don't only write -dbg contains debug symbols

Something like this would be much better:

libtinysvm1 - implementation of Support Vector Machines (shared libs)

libtinysvm1-dbg - implementation of Support Vector Machines (debug symbols)

Please note that I don't even know what tinysvm does, nor I am remotely
interested in this package, I just wish Debian had more informative descs.

Last, the project seems to have no activity since 2002. Are you sure you
really want to package something that hasn't been maintained for 10 years?



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