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Bug#684220: RFS: tinysvm/0.09-1 [ITP] -- SVM trainer and classifier toolkit

Il 15/08/2012 14:56, Jakub Wilk ha scritto:
> The */TinySVM_wrap.c license:
> | This file may be freely redistributed without license or fee provided
> | this copyright message remains intact.
> doesn't seem particularly free to me, as it doesn't explicitly permit modifications.
> Hopefully this could be resolved by rebuilding the wrapper using a SWIG version that is less than 10 years old... The file says:
> | Do not make changes to this file unless you know what you are
> | doing--modify the SWIG interface file instead.
> But where is the interface file? I don't see it included in the tarball.

I finally decided to repackage the tarball with files generated by more recent versions of swig.
I used an interface file downloaded from https://github.com/shogo82148/TinySVM/.

I contacted both the owner of the github repository and upstream, in order to understand their plans about TinySVM.
However I received no clear response about that.


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