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Re: Upgrade "rar" Package Version

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 2:37 PM, Martin Meredith <mez@debian.org> wrote:
> Can't find you in db.debian.org.  Not possible to do an NMU if you're
> not a Debian Uploader
Seems like I misunderstood the concept of NMU.
What can a outsider do in the first step if he want to contribute Debian?

> The problem with updating the rar package is not a problem with the
> complexity of the package, it's a case of it takes a while for me to
> put together the upload for both amd64 and i386 simultaneously, due to
> the autobuilders not liking non-free packages.
Yes, I've tried it on my machine.
A little change from upstream is that acknow.txt is added.
It belongs to debain/docs I guess.

> I will update this soon when I get a chance to get round to it - but
> I'm a little strapped for time lately.  Possibly next week sometime.
That's absolutely fine.

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