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Upgrade "rar" Package Version

Upgrade request bug:

RAR is not open source software, they offers binaries for i386 and
amd64 on Linux.

There is no reason shipping 4.0 beta3 rather than latest 4.20.
If we check change Changelog, it is clear that the package get active
uploads until 4.0 beta3 is uploaded.

The 4.0 beta3 has known Unicode filename bug, which is quite annoying
for all people using non-ASCII filenames in archives.
I've also confirmed 4.20 doesn't have Unicode filename bug.

"unrar" package, which is based on non-freely open source code from
RARLAB, is slightly newer and has no Unicode filename bug.
http://rarlabs.com/rar_add.htm => "UnRAR source"
However, people doing apt-cache search may not know the tricky
relationship between these two
packages and install "rar" package.

I've made my branch of "rar" package on LP:

I'm looking for maintainer's note or chance of NMU.

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