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Bug#659854: RFS: vpnc/0.5.3r512-1 - Cisco-compatible VPN client (new upstream snapshot)

Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: normal

Dear mentors,

I am looking for a sponsor for my package "vpnc":

dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/v/vpnc/vpnc_0.5.3r512-1.dsc

Version 0.5.3r512-1 is the first new upstream version (SVN snapshot,
upstream hasn't done releases in a long time) uploaded to Debian in
almost two years. It includes mainly bugfixes, particularly for routing
issues, and I expect to be able to close a lot more bugs than those
already in the changelog after triaging with this new version:

vpnc (0.5.3r512-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Imported new upstream SVN snapshot with support for Fritz!Box routers
    (closes: #629646), fixed MTU when no default route (closes: #525389).
  * Refreshed patches, dropped 07_bug496718.patch, 08_bug640978.patch
    (applied upstream).
  * Added missing ${perl:Depends}.
  * Updated debian/copyright to reflect recent work in SVN.
  * Updated README.Debian, clarified security warning (closes: #442629).
  * Properly remove obsolete conffile example.conf on upgrade.

 -- Florian Schlichting <fschlich@zedat.fu-berlin.de>  Mon, 09 Jan 2012 21:57:57 +0100

A previous upload of vpnc was sponsored by its former maintainer, Eric
Warmenhoven, who nevertheless indicated that he might not have the time
to do so in the future, and that I should seek additional sponsorship.
As he apparently hasn't found time to look at vpnc in over three weeks,
I'm now filing this sponsorship-request to ask for your comments and


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