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Re: how to manage d/changelog for updated but not yet sponsored package

Boris Pek <Tehnick-8@yandex.ru> writes:

>> Depends on the situation. If it's a quick update, and I can followup
>> within moments, then indeed, there is no reason to increment the version
>> (see my "when it makes sense" comment above).
>> But if hours, or even days can pass between iterations, then I much
>> prefer a new version on mentors. That also has the advantage of me not
>> neccessarily being a bottle neck, and another sponsor can review it and
>> perhaps sponsor it too.
> Hmm, another sponsor also could look at commits in VSC to observe changes since
> last message. Isn't it?

Yeah, if they're willing to do that. Personally, I'd rather use
mentors.d.n, than a random $VCS repo (even if that repo is under .d.o),
because I'm not interested in installing a new VCS, figuring out where
the repo is (ok, its in the mail, and in the VCS-* fields, but it's
easier to paste a package name than a repo URI, and if I have access to
the VCS-* fields, then I have the sources anyway).

I'll look at VCS repos if and when I'm already reviewing a package, and
am in contact with the maintainer. But if I'm looking at something new,
that I haven't looked at before, I find mentors.d.n more convenient, and
I won't check it's VCS repo (if any).


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