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Re: RFS: sqlbuddy


Thanks a lot for a quick review.

On Mon, January 23, 2012 7:49 pm, Tanguy Ortolo wrote:
> debian/control:
> * Homepage: There is an extra space after the website URL, better to

I will fix this.

> should remove the commented Vcs-* fields, or update them and uncomment
> them if you are using a public VCS for maintaining that package (which
> would be a good thing, by the way). * Description: SQLite it the correct
> capitalization, not sqlite.

Ya. I have a VCS repo at gitorious.org. I am a beginner in packaging
and dont know the proper way of maintaining packages under VCS. Would
be happy if someone shows some best practices. Eventually I will adapt
once I have more than 5-6 packages to maintain.

> debian/rules: I am curious, is there a reason why you did not use
> catchall-style shore dh7 rules?

Since this is my first package, I thought I would learn and remember better
if I write them all and also catchall style appeared magical and advanced to
me. May be I have to adapt it soon?

> debian/watch: The upstream release practice prevents you to have a watch
> file indeed, I think you should ask them if they could publish versionned
> tarballs.

I was really struck here. Tried several times with all regexps but couldn't
succeed. I could find out a github page for the project.


Can I use http://githubredir.debian.net/ for generating the watch file.

> There is also the empty /usr/share/sqlbuddy/exports/ which is detected
> by Lintian. I guess that is intentional, but if this is a directory where
> database dumps will be placed, then it is at a wrong place, and it should
> be under /var instead, with the appropriate configuration, patch or
> symlink.

Are there any additional flags while using lintian? Because, many of the
errors were not detected by lintian in my computer. I came to know them
only when I uploaded to the mentors.

> Again, that was just a quick look, I still have to give it a closer
> look.

And one more doubt. Can I just make the changes you suggested and re-upload
the package to the mentors with the same package version?

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