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Re: RFS: sqlbuddy

Several remarks after a quick look.

* Homepage: There is an extra space after the website URL, better to
  remove it.  You could add the final / too, although that is not
  required since all browser add it when it is missing, as far as I
* Vcs-*: You should remove the commented Vcs-* fields, or update them
  and uncomment them if you are using a public VCS for maintaining that
  package (which would be a good thing, by the way).
* Description: SQLite it the correct capitalization, not sqlite.

debian/rules: I am curious, is there a reason why you did not use
catchall-style shore dh7 rules?

debian/watch: The upstream release practice prevents you to have a watch
file indeed, I think you should ask them if they could publish
versionned tarballs.

There is also the empty /usr/share/sqlbuddy/exports/ which is detected
by Lintian. I guess that is intentional, but if this is a directory
where database dumps will be placed, then it is at a wrong place, and it
should be under /var instead, with the appropriate configuration, patch
or symlink.

Again, that was just a quick look, I still have to give it a closer

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