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Re: RFS: xiterm+thai

> I see, I guess this is a bit like khmerconverter and should be removed
> at some point? Maybe during the wheezy+1 cycle is the appropriate time
> to remove it?

In my opinion, I rarely use it and just only build the package as the
maintainer since I have no TIS-620 documents to handle with.
In the past, I used it to edit the ThaiLaTeX documents as at that time
only supports the TIS-620 encoding, but now ThaiLaTeX supports UTF-8

Despite, I'm not sure that the users still use it as the other
purposes or not. But I'm Ok if it's going to be removed during the

> Ok, I was mainly talking about moving inputrc txiterm txiterm.1
> xiterm+thai.desktop upstream instead of just in the Debian package,
> since they are probably useful for other distros too.

I'll ask the upstream to add these in some places, perhaps, misc/

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