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Please advice about symbols versioning (was Re: How to close bug #620550?


At Mon, 8 Aug 2011 22:40:52 +0900,
Satoru KURASHIKI wrote:
> > Yes.  That bug is definitely RC.  IMO it should be cloned into two
> > bugs:
> >  1. qdbm should not provide gdbm emulation (except perhaps in
> >     a separate, separately-installable, .so, although why you'd
> >     want to use that in Debian is far from clear)
> >     This bug is RC.
> I want to make libqdbm14 dropping gdbm emulation, and add a new
> exclusive libqdbm14-gdbm package to provide compatibility for people who
> uses its gdbm emulation. But, I have trouble with packaging to satisfy
>  dpkg-gensymbols, and stop packaging there...

cf. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=620550

Current version of libqdbm14 (1.8.77-4) has gdbm emulation,
and it will be dropped as,

 1) libqdbm14 -> libqdbm15      (w/o gdbm emulation)
                 libqdbm14-gdbm (w/ gdbm emulation)
 2) libqdbm14 -> libqdbm14      (w/ gdbm emulation)
                 libqdbm15-???  (w/o gdbm emulation)
 3) libqdbm14 -> libqdbm15      (w/o gdbm emulation)
                 libqdbm15-gdbm (w/ gdbm emulation)

According to debian policy 8.1, removing symbols should bump
library ABI version. Which of above (or other) is better way?


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