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Re: RFS: wmmixer


> Can you check the package again.

I've got a few questions concerning your changes, which aren't necessarily bugs,
but at least I'd like to see the rationale.

- The most recent policy version is 3.9.2; why did you update to 3.9.1 only?
- Why has the priority been changed to extra?
- What is the upstream status of your patches, have you forwarded them/tried to
  contact upstream?

Minor improvements to be made:
- You don't need to build-depend on quilt.
- No need for "include /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make" in debian/rules
- debian/watch only holds a comment, that doesn't really help uscan to check the
  status. Could you make that a proper watch file?

Concerning your question for getting rid of binary-arch in debian/rules: please
see the man pages of dh_installchangelogs, etc. You will find that mostly you
may specify the upstream files in debian/<package>.<tool> files, e.g., for
dh_installexamples use debian/wmmixer.examples. If that option isn't available,
use overrides, e.g., override_dh_installchangelogs.

Please provide some information on the questions I've posed above and please
take a look at the possible improvements. Then your package should be ready to
be uploaded.

Hope this helps,

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