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Re: RFS: wmmixer

Hi again,

> >- Why have urgency=low QA (group) upload in the first line when you
> >are doing a proper upload?
> Lintian detects the package as orphan and then shows the warning. If
> I try to write
> "QA (group) upload" in the first line (alone), lintian shows other
> warning.
> I don't know how to avoid the lintian warning. What should I do?
> IMHO the lintian
> warning message cannot be solved.
> >- Aren't you adopting this package? At least #490739 appears to
> >say so.
> I am trying to do that.

I think both the non-QA-upload and lintian warning will be fixed by closing this
particular ITA bug in the changelog properly.

> >Furthermore, why did you bump the debhelper build dependency to 7.0
> >when at the same time not making use of its new simplified
> >debian/rules?
> I cannot find the info to rewrite the debian/rules to 7.0
> What are the differences? When can I found docs about it.

Please take a look at, e.g.,


Hope this helps,

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