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Re: RFS: wmmixer

On 10/07/11 02:00, Michael Tautschnig wrote:


Can you check the package again.

I've got a few questions concerning your changes, which aren't necessarily bugs,
but at least I'd like to see the rationale.

- The most recent policy version is 3.9.2; why did you update to 3.9.1 only?

Because the package was update some months ago. The new policy version is newer than the update. Changed to in the changelog file 3.9.2. No new changes needed.

- Why has the priority been changed to extra?

I changed the priority to extra because some dependency has lower priority and lintian showed an error. Now I cannot reproduce the error, therefore I change the priority to optional.

- What is the upstream status of your patches, have you forwarded them/tried to
   contact upstream?

Very good question. WMaker is an "old" windowmanager and some applications are distributed in many webpages. The wmaker-dev team has a webpage for the applications at http://dockapps.org, but some are not updated, has bugs, ...

I am talking with the wmaker-dev group to create a repository (git) to save all the applications. Carlos R. Mafra has a repository in http://repo.or.cz/w/dockapps.git and we will try to save the dockapps there.

I will save a comment in the watch file about it. The application is in the repo at http://repo.or.cz/w/dockapps.git/tree/21625f40b5f71ecd4b9832836f1a89ef3bb20b74:/wmmixer-1.5

Minor improvements to be made:
- You don't need to build-depend on quilt.

I don't know how to solve it. I cannot found the build-depend.

- No need for "include /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make" in debian/rules


- debian/watch only holds a comment, that doesn't really help uscan to check the
   status. Could you make that a proper watch file?

The files are now in a git folder. This git do not include tar.gz files. I added the new git folder as comment in the watch file. I cannot found info about how to include git in the watch file (if is possible).

Concerning your question for getting rid of binary-arch in debian/rules: please
see the man pages of dh_installchangelogs, etc. You will find that mostly you
may specify the upstream files in debian/<package>.<tool>  files, e.g., for
dh_installexamples use debian/wmmixer.examples. If that option isn't available,
use overrides, e.g., override_dh_installchangelogs.

Ok, but these files (CHANGES, README, home.mixer) are included in the original source. To make that, I need to create a patch to move these files to the correct name in the debian folder. I don't have problems to do that, but I am not sure if is correct. What do you think?

Please provide some information on the questions I've posed above and please
take a look at the possible improvements. Then your package should be ready to
be uploaded.

Please, reply me about my questions. Then, I will upload a new version.

Hope this helps,

Yes! Thanks a lot for your time.



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||\\// //\\ http://www.kix.es/

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