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Re: Workflow with debian/ in VCS

Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> writes:
>> That would certainly work, but I was thinking about the more automated
>> patch workflow with dquilt, which needs, AFAIU, to be run in the
>> directory with upstream sources and will put the patches into ./debian/.
>> So afterwards I will have to copy debian/ into the VCS.
> I thought we'd established that the ‘debian/’ directory is in its own
> VCS repository, tracked separately. This allows it to be tracked as a
> distinct line of development from the upstream VCS, which is often the
> case.


> So I don't see why you think ‘debian/’ needs to keep being copied
> around under this model. I never do that manually.

I believe that dquilt needs the current upstream source *and* the
debian/ directory in the same directory. So I need to copy one of them.
If I copy upstream into the repo, I have to remove it afterwards. If I
copy debian from the repo into the upstream sources, I have to copy it
back to commit the changes made by dquilt.



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