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Workflow with debian/ in VCS


I'm having trouble coming up with a decent workflow for creating
packages. I am managing the debian/ directory in a mercurial repository,
and at the moment my steps for releasing a new version are:

1. Download the new upstream source
2. Rename to .orig.tar.bz2, extract, rename created directory
3. Copy debian/ from repo into extracted directory
4. Change debian/* as necessary
5. Run debuild
6. Copy debian back into repo
7. Commit changes

Somehow this seems overly complicated, and I think there is probably a
more automated way to do this. I have looked into uscan and uupdate, but
neither of them seem to work very well with a VCS managed debian/.
uupdate complains that it can't find a .debian.tar.bz2, but I don't see
why it should need that, given that all the debian stuff is managed in
the repository. Also, it seems that I still have manually copy the
changed debian/ back into the repo.

Am I missing a tool? Or is a bad idea to try to manage debian/ in a VCS?
Or should my repo also include the upstream source rather than just the
debian directory?



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