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Re: Workflow with debian/ in VCS

Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> writes:
>> I'm having trouble coming up with a decent workflow for creating
>> packages. I am managing the debian/ directory in a mercurial
>> repository,
> Contrary to other replies in this thread, I find that to be a cleaner
> setup: manage just ‘debian/’ in a VCS repository, and build packages
> with ‘${VCS}-buildpackage’.
>> and at the moment my steps for releasing a new version are:
>> 1. Download the new upstream source
>> 2. Rename to .orig.tar.bz2, extract, rename created directory
> These two steps should be automated with ‘uscan(1)’. Configure it for
> your package with the ‘debian/watch’ file.
>> 3. Copy debian/ from repo into extracted directory
>> 5. Run debuild
> These two steps are what ‘${VCS}-buildpackage’ does. You don't have to
> have the build artefacts cluttering up your working tree; it does its
> work elsewhere.

Hmm, but you snipped away step #4: making changes to the debian/* tree.
How do I incorporate that into the workflow?

>> 6. Copy debian back into repo
> Obviated by having the repositories separate, and automatically combined
> when needed.

I don't understand. I can only modify the debian tree when the upstream
sources are present in the same directory (otherwise I can't update
patches), so I have to either extract the upstream source in the VCS
tree, or copy the modified debian directory back into the repo.



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