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Re: installing manpages from the debian/ directory

2011/2/26 Marco Cornolti <cornolti@cli.di.unipi.it>:
> On 26/02/2011 15:35, Lars Buitinck wrote:
>> I'm using
>> %:
>>       dh --sourcedir=dbxml $@
> That option is not documented anywhere. I guess dh just discards it.
> Where did you find it?

It's mentioned in debhelper(7) and it works: only the contents of
dbxml are configured and built, not the copies of Berkeley DB, Xerces
and XQilla that upstream put in the tarball. But I'll switch to
--sourcedirectory after the $@.

>> Will dh_installman now look in the custom sourcedir for debian/manpages/*.1?
> I guess --sourcedirectory is only for the sources, not for the manpages.

So I've found out. Sorry for asking lots of questions, but a full
debuild run on this package is *very* slow on the computer I'm using,
so I prefer to ask rather than experiment.

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