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Re: installing manpages from the debian/ directory

2011/2/26 Marco Cornolti <cornolti@cli.di.unipi.it>:
> Let package-ver/ be the root of your package (the directory containing
> debian/). If you put the above lines in dbxml-util.manpages then the
> directory containing the manpages must be package-ver/manpages/.
> (Hence, the listing is relative to the top-level directory).

Ok, prepended debian/.

>> do I need to call
>> dh_installman from debian/rules?
> If you use the default rules generated by dh_make (something like this)
>               #!/usr/bin/make -f
>               %:
>                       dh $@
> then it will call dh_installman for you. Otherwise if you use a custom
> rules file, you may need to explicitly call dh_installman.

I'm using

	dh --sourcedir=dbxml $@

Will dh_installman now look in the custom sourcedir for debian/manpages/*.1?

> Anyway, in this cases you may find useful to see how others have solved
> your problem. Try downloading a source package, most of them include a
> man page, and see how they are installed:

I tried looking at libdb4.8, since that is quite similar to my package
(same upstream, some division into lib, dev, utils packages), but its
rules file is apparently quite old and very complicated. It uses cp to
install the manpages.

Thanks for the advice!

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