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Re: installing manpages from the debian/ directory

On 26/02/2011 14:46, Lars Buitinck wrote:
> If I put the manpages in
> debian/manpages and fill in debian/dbxml-util.manpages as
> manpages/dbxml.1
> manpages/dbxml_dump.1
> manpages/dbxml_load.1
> manpages/dbxml_load_container.1

Let package-ver/ be the root of your package (the directory containing
debian/). If you put the above lines in dbxml-util.manpages then the
directory containing the manpages must be package-ver/manpages/.
(Hence, the listing is relative to the top-level directory).

> do I need to call
> dh_installman from debian/rules?

If you use the default rules generated by dh_make (something like this)

               #!/usr/bin/make -f
                       dh $@

then it will call dh_installman for you. Otherwise if you use a custom
rules file, you may need to explicitly call dh_installman.

Anyway, in this cases you may find useful to see how others have solved
your problem. Try downloading a source package, most of them include a
man page, and see how they are installed:

cd /tmp
apt-get source anypackage
cd anypackage-ver/debian


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