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installing manpages from the debian/ directory

Dear mentors,

I'm building a bunch of binary packages from a single source package.
One of these packages is called dbxml-util and installs a bunch of
tools for handling a file format. I wrote manpages for these tools,
but am a bit confused as to how to install them.

I read http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dother.en.html#s-manpage
which states "you should install them using dh_installman(1) by
listing them in the package.manpages files". If I put the manpages in
debian/manpages and fill in debian/dbxml-util.manpages as


will that get all the manpages installed? Or do I need to call
dh_installman from debian/rules? Do I list them relative to the
debian/ dir, or relative to the top-level source dir?


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