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Re: RFS: webhoneypot

Am 2011-02-25 15:06, schrieb Ansgar Burchardt:
"Christian Pohl"<whp@pohlcity.de>  writes:
Did anything change since [1]?


Hi Ansgar,

yes there were changes.

Where does trunk/update/update-templates.php store updated files? Does
it overwrite files contained in the package with newer versions?
it will overwrite files in the templates dir if a new version of this file is on the server (See README.debian)

I see that update-templates.php does verify the integrity of the update...
yes all files are verified (See README.debian)

What happens if a template contains PHP scripts (do they get
they are not evaled or similar, simply read and "printed" to the client

Images (and maybe also *.html pages) in trunk/templates/ seem to be
takes from several other projects, e.g. 105/* from awstats.  This
should be documented in debian/copyright.  Also 105/* and 105/awstats/*
seem to be identical?
the package now is only shipped with the default page (404 page of an Apache 2.2.3 on CentOS)
All other templates may be downloaded from dshiled.org - or the user simply builds his own (okay but
that is not the way this webhoneypot should work. It is intended that it gets the templates from
dshild.org and sends results back to build statistics - like dshield does for firewall logs.
And I hope when this package gets into debian there are more users who have "spare" servers to
install this honeypot, so there will be more results - and better statistics and also more
contributors for templates.

Please split the patch in debian/patches (if necessary) and give it a
sensible name.  New files (manpages, example configuration) can also be
shipped in debian/ instead of in a patch.
debian/patch is automatically build by debuild.
(e.g manpages are in debian/webhoneypot.manpages which is read by dh_installman)

Kind regards,


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