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Re: RFS: webhoneypot


Christian Pohl <whp@pohlcity.de> writes:
> ---snip---
> Where does trunk/update/update-templates.php store updated files? Does
> it overwrite files contained in the package with newer versions?
> ---snap---
> it will overwrite files in the templates dir if a new version of this
> file is on the server (See README.debian)

That is a policy violation: "/usr is the second major section of the
filesystem. /usr is shareable, read-only data. That means that /usr
should be shareable between various FHS-compliant hosts and must not be
written to. Any information that is host-specific or varies with time is
stored elsewhere."[1]

You likely want to store the templates in /var. Also take care that
updated templates are not overwritten when the package is updated.

  [1] <file:///usr/share/doc/debian-policy/fhs/fhs-2.3.txt.gz>

> ---snip---
> I see that update-templates.php does verify the integrity of the update...
> ---snap---
> yes all files are verified (See README.debian)

The code still doesn't seem to do so.

> ---snip---
> Please split the patch in debian/patches (if necessary) and give it a
> sensible name.  New files (manpages, example configuration) can also be
> shipped in debian/ instead of in a patch.
> ---snap---
> debian/patch is automatically build by debuild.
> (e.g manpages are in debian/webhoneypot.manpages which is read by
> dh_installman)

You can still use quilt to create a patch with a sensible name.  Or
follow my second suggestion.


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