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freej - FTBFS (#614458)

re all,

first of all a premise: i'm new to all this and trying to do my best,
as an upstream author experiencing the debian packaging system in all
its beaurocracy is an engaging yet useful experience, especially
helpful in mantaining my code (source and binaries) in an orderly way,
as well highly facilitating binary distribution.

i'm hereby reacting on the bug #614458 which seems quite serious: it
blocks compilation of freej* and libfreej* (for which i'm uploader and
upstream). this bug, along with others which weren't yet processed by
the buildbot, was fixed in october 2010 (namely a patch for
compilation on amd64).

now i've given it a sping and packaged a new upstream import
(0.11-git20110225-1) and got it ready on our own apt repository at
dyne.org - for your convenience.

 deb http://apt.dyne.org stable main
 deb-src http://apt.dyne.org stable main

you'll find the source and i386 + amd64 binaries.

this package fixes some previously open lintian issues and leave open
just some less relevant issues (wishlist and one normal), but most
importantly it compiles correctly with pbuilder and should finally
close bug #614458

i'm not sure how to proceed from here, so i'm hereby asking you to
assist me. i'm listed as uploader, yet i'm not sure if i can upload
anywhere else than on my own repository, please let me know how we can
close this bug. it is my intention in some close future to try become
a debian maintainer so please don't save your suggestions on how
things should be done, but also keep in mind this bug should be closed
ASAP and i have no more time to dedicate to this task in the coming



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