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Re: dtmfdial

In <AANLkTi=UHiLidk7kj-ncTNFovJ-rOj2Mic+6-uCbFV1K@mail.gmail.com>, D S 
McNeill wrote:
>I have written a slightly improved version of dtmfdial that I would
>like to include in Debian.
>I have modified it to include an option to generate not only standard
>DTMF tones, but "Blue box" MF tones as well:
>I contacted the maintainer (Denis Briand) and received the following reply:
>> thank you for your project.
>> dtmfdial is orphaned because I haven't enough free time to maintain it,
>> You can adopt it if you want and submit your blue box project to the
>> Debian's mentors.
>I would appreciate any information on how to proceed.

Much of that information is either contained within the FAQ 
<http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq> or linked from the FAQ, but I'm not 
entirely surprised that you missed that document.

1. You have improvements to an existing Debian package.  Good.
   1a. These improvements aren't debian-specific.  Great!
   1b. Contact the upstream project and start the process of getting your 
improvements accepted by the project.  Be sure to post whatever you have 
somewhere public so there's a chance someone else might take the improvement 
and "run with it" even if your interest wanes.
   1c.  Interacting with upstream is one of the responsibilities of a 
maintainer, so best to get started now.  It's also better for everyone if 
changes that aren't debian-specific get included upstream.

2. The current maintainer of the package has "orphaned" it.  Bad.  This means 
that the package is as close to "dropped from Debian" as packages get.  The 
current maintainer is not only seeking someone to take over the 
maintainership, but they may not be giving the package as much attention as 
it needs.

3. If you are still interested, there's a lot of work and learning in front 
of you.  At least scan the FAQ linked above, and read 
<http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/> completely focusing on the "O" type under 
"Removing entries".

4. Once that "documentation" is in order, it'll be time to dig into the 
packaging in earnest.  Go back to the FAQ and read more, specifically 
focusing on the answer to "How do I make my first package?".  The documents 
that answer links to is invaluable, most notably the New Maintainers' Guide 
<http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/> and the Debian Policy 

5. The packages entry on the PTS 
<http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dtmfdial.html> and most of the links there 
will certainly be useful at some point in your maintainership.


I'm looking forward to seeing your RFS mail about dtmfdial.  Also, be sure to 
use this list a a resource for answers to any specific packaging questions 
you have.
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