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Re: ITR: robocut (driver for consumer GRAPHTEC cutting plotters like Silhouette SD and craftROBO)

On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 20:17:40 -0500, Markus Schulz <schulz@alpharesearch.de> wrote:

> I'm generating the tar.gz file via qmake; make; make dist - please tell
> me if I need to create this readme file in this case or not?
> (From debian-policy 4.14 I don't think so, but I'm still learning)

No, you don't need to document how you make .orig.tar.gz. What I was
curious about was after you have .tar.gz, how do you make a debian
source package from a branch containing only the ./debian directory.
Policy wise, you don't _need_ to document this either. However, many of
us are becoming more and more VCS centric in our debian work, and the
first thing we will try to look at a package is 

% debcheckout robocut      

we can then get the .orig.tar.gz by running 

% uscan

So now the question is, how can I apply an emergency security fix while
you are on holidays somewhere warm?

> > - Can you talk to Tim about re-generating the moc/qrc files at package
> >   build time (either don't distribute them, or delete them in the clean
> >   step)? 

> I did look into git archive and dpgk- source options that were suggested
> on irc, however I guess if users compile from scratch on non Debian
> systems this source packaging with make dist could make it easier...

That could well be the case.  There is still the option of moving the 
files out of the way in debian/rules and moving them back
afterwords. This is probably uneeded here, but is a good trick to know
about in general.

Hope this helps,


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