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Re: RFS: daisy-player

Thanks for the review.

On 12/10/10 14:13, Benoît Knecht wrote:
>  - In debian/copyright, you need a standalone License section for the
>    GPL-2+, and the short name for the GPL version 2 is GPL-2 (see
>    http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/web/deps/dep5.mdwn?op=file&rev=135).

Easily fixed (in git).

>  - Read debian/README.source :)

Oops, how can I have missed this one. Removed.

>  - Your debian/watch file does not work.

Upstream changed from daisy_player to daisy-player during the past
improvement cycles. I forgot to change the watch file. Fixed.

>  - This is not really about packaging, but I think it's worth mentioning
>    anyway. I find the man page a bit confusing is the way it lists the
>    "keyboard commands" (is there not a better term for that, BTW):
>    they're all preceded by a dash, which gives the impression they're
>    command line options.
>    And the second paragraph of the DESCRIPTION section contains a few
>    underlined words that shouldn't be (or it should use the exact same
>    syntax as in the SYNOPSIS section).
>    I also think it's best to stick with the section names defined in
>    man-pages(7) (that is, make SCREEN and KEYBOARD COMMANDS subsections

Sent upstream.

>  - The license header in daisy-player.c doesn't say which version of the
>    GPL applies (whereas debian/copyright says it's GPL-2+) and the FSF
>    address is wrong (you can use the licensecheck utility to check the
>    license headers).

Thanks for spotting. Actually, when we starting packaging daisy-player,
upstream didn't have a license on his software. He put it on after I
told him that it could not be distributed without it. He included the
COPYING file drafted after my initial copyright file, where it does say
version 2 or higher. I forgot to see the EXACT text in the c file,
because it looked so familiar GPL. Also sent upstream.

>    Also, what is copyright information about error.mp3 doing there? 

Good question. I have asked upstream.

I will upload a new version, but as I understand it (please tell me if I
am wrong) upstream needs to fix his license header before I can do that
with any hope for uploading.

(For future fixes do you prefer to have the debian version incremented
or the initial -1?)


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