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Re: RFS: webhoneypot

Hi Benoit and Ansgar

I've gone through the messages and uploaded the new package to
Could you check it?

>  - lintian reports these warnings on the binary package (run
No more messages (I built the 1st package on Lenny. Now I have a
Squeeze-System for that :-)

>  - Your debian/rules file could be greatly simplified if you make use of
>    debhelper's default behavior. For example, you can use a
>    debian/install file and let dh_install copy the files automatically
>    instead of overriding the install target. See [1] and the debhelper
>    documentation for details.
Thanks for this hint. It really simplified my rules file.

>  - I'm not very familiar with debconf, but it doesn't seem like you're
>    doing anything with it in debian/{pre,post}inst. If it's intentional,
>    you should remove those files. The same goes for webhoneypot.config.
Okay, that was a remainder of some tests I did. I simply forgot to remove it.

>  - debian/README.debian should be word wrapped at around 80 chars.

>  - Please consider using DEP-5 [2] format for your debian/copyright
>    file.

> I hope this helps.
It did a lot.

Kind regards,


Christian Pohl

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