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Re: RFS: snap2 rsync-based backup program with GUI (with Debian source)

On Di, 15 Jun 2010, Lloyd Standish wrote:
> Of course I came to that idea by running lintian (Lintian v1.24.2.1+lenny1) against the binary deb.  It reported nothing (clean).  I think the problem is that I am running the Debian stable (Lenny) version of dpkg-dev, and you are probably running sid.  I see now that for software intended for sid I should run the sid versions of these tools.

No, the problem is that you run it *ONLY* on the binary package and *NOT*
on the source package. Best is to:
- unpack the source package
- build it with dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot (or any other 
  incantantion you like)
- after that you have in the parent dir a .changes files that lists
  the binary and source package files
- on that changes file you run lintian (as shown in my previous email)

If you do that on lenny it will the same spit out warnings over warnings!

> I also see that I overlooked that the binary-arch target is required - sorry.

That is why lintian is for, and it is working, also on lenny. Only you
didn't use it the right way.

> It did not occur to me to check for gtkdialog in Sid (it is available in Lenny http://packages.debian.org/lenny/gtkdialog).  So, until there is a gtkdialog package in Sid, snap2 cannot run.  This is a great disappointment - I put a lot of effort into this, my first Debian package.

Check for zenity, but you have to adjust the way it is invoced, AFAIS
the --program option is not present.

Best wishes

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