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Re: RFS: snap2 rsync-based backup program with GUI (with Debian source)


Thanks very much for pointing out how lintian is used to check a source package.  I would have seen this if I had read the lintian man page carefully.

I looked at zenity.  From the man page which describes the command line options, I don't think it is capable of a complex dialog with different types of input fields and action buttons, all available in the same multi-tabbed (or menued) dialog. Gtkdialog uses a form of xml to build such complex dialogs.

I am also looking at other options (such as gtk2-perl).  However, my job allows me little time for rewriting snap2 in a different language.  In addition, I have to consider that snap2 may not be as interesting or as important to Debian users as I like to imagine.  What time I have for Debian might better be spent helping with an established Debian project.


On Tue, 15 Jun 2010 18:15:04 -0600, Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

On Di, 15 Jun 2010, Lloyd Standish wrote:
Of course I came to that idea by running lintian (Lintian v1.24.2.1+lenny1) against the binary deb.  It reported nothing (clean).  I think the problem is that I am running the Debian stable (Lenny) version of dpkg-dev, and you are probably running sid.  I see now that for software intended for sid I should run the sid versions of these tools.

No, the problem is that you run it *ONLY* on the binary package and *NOT*
on the source package. Best is to:
- unpack the source package
- build it with dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot (or any other
  incantantion you like)
- after that you have in the parent dir a .changes files that lists
  the binary and source package files
- on that changes file you run lintian (as shown in my previous email)

If you do that on lenny it will the same spit out warnings over warnings!

I also see that I overlooked that the binary-arch target is required - sorry.

That is why lintian is for, and it is working, also on lenny. Only you
didn't use it the right way.

It did not occur to me to check for gtkdialog in Sid (it is available in Lenny http://packages.debian.org/lenny/gtkdialog).  So, until there is a gtkdialog package in Sid, snap2 cannot run.  This is a great disappointment - I put a lot of effort into this, my first Debian package.

Check for zenity, but you have to adjust the way it is invoced, AFAIS
the --program option is not present.

Best wishes

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