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RFS: snap2 rsync-based backup program with GUI (with Debian source)

Hello All,

My previous RFS for this package was premature because I had not prepared the Debian source files.  Even though the package contains no compiled code, this was a gross omission, for which I apologize.  I have carefully built the Debian source files according to the documentation.

Here is the description of snap2 from the debian/control file:

"A fast, easy-to-use rsync-based backup program with GUI

snap2 combines the convenience of full backups with the speed and backup
storage economy of incremental backups.

The snap2 package includes a non-interactive shell script (snap2engine)
and an interactive GUI (snap2) for configuring and optionally running
the backup. Since this program is normally configured  and run
(directly or via cron) by the snap2 GUI, no manual editing of
configuration files or running from the command line is needed.

snap2 does rotating 'snapshot' backups as well as 'mirror' type (single
copy) backups. When using the snapshot backup method, snap2 uses hard
links to duplicate identical files on the backup drive.  This greatly
reduces the disk space required on the backup drive, allowing several
gigs of backup 'snapshots' to fit on a one-gig USB flash drive.

In addition, when backing up a file that was modified since the last
backup, the rsync backend only needs to transmit the changed portions of
the file in order to create the new backup file. This saves bandwidth -
particularly important for backup to a remote host (via Internet).

For more information, visit http://www.linuxbackups.org";

Screenshots and feature list: http://linuxbackups.org/node/25
Binary deb download: http://files.lstandish.com/utilities/
Debian source: http://files.lstandish.com/snap2-source

The package appears to be lintian-clean.


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