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Re: RFS: 'snap2' rsync-based backup program with GUI

On Sa, 12 Jun 2010, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Quite not!!! It is even written in many places that if the upstram ships a debian folder in its tar.gz, we should get in touch and at least ask that it is renamed as debian-upstream or something similar. If you do not trust what I say, go read the policy, new maint manual and such.

Where please???

Please do not state things without reference.
I just read skipped the policy without finding *any* statement on first
sight dealing wiht the existence of debian subdir in the upstream sources.

No I don't trust people stating "it is like taht and that..." unless proof
is given otherwise.

And newmaint is *NOT* a policy document. I said clearly that it is
recommendable to separate the two, but I didn't state that it is
a must.

> > OTOH, it is often recommended that upstream developer and Debian
> > packager are different, and keep the files separately, but it is
> > by far not a must!
> IT IS a must that the debian folder is NOT in the orig.tar.gz, even if upstream is also the packager. What you are describing here is what we call a debian native package, which is really limited to very specific cases.

Please provide pointers instead of vague statements like "consult the policy"

Best wishes

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