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Re: RFS: 'snap2' rsync-based backup program with GUI

Lloyd Standish wrote:
> Johan, your suggestion of looking at at art package was very helpful. 
> I get a (separate) source package together as soon as I can.
> It is ironic in this case that the "upstream source tree" that I
> develop from is (except for the changlog files and man page, which I
> keep elsewhere) an exact copy of the binary distribution.  I even keep
> the DEBIAN directory there, right in the source.
> Lloyd

While it is ok to keep your debian folder in your VCS, remember that
your orig.tar.gz should NOT contain it. It's less of an issue if you use
source format 3.0 (Quilt) but this is still the policy in Debian.


P.S: Please don't use HTML when writing to any mailing lists at Debian.

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