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Re: RFS: 'snap2' rsync-based backup program with GUI

On Sa, 12 Jun 2010, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> While it is ok to keep your debian folder in your VCS, remember that
> your orig.tar.gz should NOT contain it. It's less of an issue if you use
> source format 3.0 (Quilt) but this is still the policy in Debian.

That is a recommendation, but by far not a necessity!!!

Of course upstream can ship all necessary debian files as is, where is 
the problem? Then the diff would be empty, or the debian.tar.gz would
be empty, and that is fine.

OTOH, it is often recommended that upstream developer and Debian
packager are different, and keep the files separately, but it is
by far not a must!

Best wishes

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