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Writing manpages (was: Re: Man and UTF-8.)

On Nov 17 2009, Roger Leigh wrote:
> However, TTBOMK UTF-8 manpages should be OK as well, though I have
> found some issues with more esoteric characters.  I would suggest
> reporting bugs or contacting the maintainer or groff upstream if
> you run into problems here.

OK, since the project strongly advises for the availability of manpages
(and I love manpages), comes the question: what do you people use to
type manpages?

Using troff is simply nasty and hard, with all the typesetting getting
in the way of seeing the content that one has typing (that's not to even
mention the need to memorize the black magic-esque mnemonics).

I'm seriously considering using a dedicated editor for this purpose, but
all of the ones that I've looked at either show the high noise/signal
rate or are too verbose (like docbook manpage).

The best so far that I found seems to be Perl's pod format. At least,
the markup doesn't pollute my view.

But what do you people use to edit manpages that you maintain

Regards, Rogério Brito.

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