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Re: script-with-language-extension

> Od: Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org>

> ----------------------------------------
JM> > I have output this output from lintian:
JM> > --------------
JM> > W: zynjacku: script-with-language-extension usr/bin/lv2rack.py
JM> > W: zynjacku: script-with-language-extension usr/bin/zynjacku.py
JM> > W: zynjacku: script-with-language-extension usr/bin/zynspect.py
JM> > --------------
CP> for reason that I explained on debian-devel, I think that in that case it is an
CP> error to modify program names. This creates difficulties for our users who
CP> collaborate with users of other operating systems, for a benefit that is in my
CP> opinion very hypothetical in most cases.
CP> http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20091001012838.GA30270@kunpuu.plessy.org
CP> I have repened the Policy bug where the renaming policy was decided, and hope
CP> to get it reverted.

CP> http://bugs.debian.org/190753

Hello Charles,

thanks for you answer. I red with interest you suggestions and your argument seems to be very reasonable for me.
I hope it will end in some improvement in debian policy.
This renaming practices make things really confusing, but I am not experienced enough to be sure what solution is best.
Anyway at least "Debian universal best practices" paper would be great.
I just thinking what I will write to upstream, how I will describe problem and what I will want to be changed or improved from him. To have this things clear would be great.
Such paper would save a lot of resources.

best regards


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