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Re: Re: RFS: soundconverter [Was: soundconverter: want to help, can'tcontact maintainer]

Hi Charles,

> I just uploaded the package.

Thanks very much :)

> so I will not be able to help you on a regular basis. I hope that you
>  will find a nice home to this package, and keep on improving it.

Me too. MM looks like it's out, maybe GNOME will help.

> For instance, it seems that the menu entry has difficulties to find 
> its icon…

I was not aware of that — it works fine for me, but I'll see if I can
find out what's going on.

> Lastly, I have two coments [...] Please correct this in your next
> upload.

Thanks for the tips. Am I right in presuming that these alone do not
warrant another upload on their own?


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