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Re: Taking care of existing packages

Thanks for addressing the questions and helping make the process

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> The maintainer of bk2site has been inactive for more than one year (I
> just checked with the mia-query tool). The “echelon” information
> indicates that he posted somewhere in May 2009 a message with the ID
> E1M1BP9-0000eo-2K@junior, but I did not find anything in our archives,
> nor in Gmane or Google.

Okay. In the spirit of the initial exercise and the example you posted,
I've been trying to understand the procedure you recommend.

Are you saying the package needs additional requests for removal, or
that Luk's comment is sufficient? Is there another request for removal
I've missed? If there is, where is it?

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