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Re: RFS: opendchub (updated package)

В Thu, 27 Aug 2009 11:52:43 +0300, George Danchev написа:

> But those diffs are applied in a combined fashion to the upstream source
> (not very helpful for people actually interested to understand the
> code), while they might be extremely interested to understand how many
> *logical* changes have been applied, what are the reasons behind such a
> deviation from the upstream, hence they would need to find out and dig
> into your own VCS repo which is not so tightly associated with the bits
> Debian actually and officially releases.

I agree, and there is yet another very important use case for separating 
patches: inter-distro patch hunting.

When I look at my packages at Fedora and Gentoo, I really like that all 
changes to the upstream source are in the form of 
"descriptive-name.patch", "another-descriptive-name.patch".  I don't care 
much about the .spec of .ebuild files, but I care about patches.  It is 
very easy to read and grab them, and they're self-contained, often 
directly usable for the Debian package.

Imagine the inconvenience for the Fedora/Gentoo/whatever maintainers who 
look at one giant .diff.gz with scattered patches and tons of 
uninteresting and mostly useless (for them) Debian-specific files.

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