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Re: Package uploaded with UNRELEASED distribution.

On Sun, Aug 23 2009, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> I had a package rejected out of NEW because of that (same case:
> UNRELEASED in changelog, Distribution: unstable in .changes). Being
> curious, I asked ftpmasters why it this was a problem (besides not being
> very beautiful), but didn't get an answer.

> I think that it's mostly harmless: I can't think of any important part
> of Debian architecture parsing the changelog to extract that

        Apart from humans.

> information. It probably just doesn't look nice on
> http://packages.debian.org/.

        It also means that the changelog is not in sync with reality:
 the changelog   explicitly state that this is an unreleased package,
 having it end up on my machine without active ihnvolvement of the admin
 means something went wrong.

        It also means that the package uploader failed to check the
 changelog before uploading, which might also mean the package may have
 other issues as well.

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