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Re: RFS: djmount

Hi Ben,

Ben Finney wrote:


> If your mail program doesn't have such a feature, you have a couple of
> options: switch to a mail program that does have that feature (e.g.
> Kmail, Mutt, Gnus, loads of others) or manually edit the fields each
> time you reply to the list.
> You should also encourage your existing mail program's vendor to add the
> feature. For Icedove or Thunderbird, this is requested in Mozilla's
> bug#45715 <URL:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45715> which
> is reportedly fixed in version 3.0.

Thanks for the extended info.

A third option could be configuring the list to send back to the list on replies. :)

But I will use the second one until Icedove implemets the first.


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