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Re: RFS: djmount

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:31 AM, Dario Minnucci
(midget)<debian@midworld.net> wrote:
> Nick Leverton wrote:
>> The upstream package contains private copies of libtalloc and pupnp, both of
>> which are already included in Debian in their own right (libtalloc1 and
>> libupnp3).  Perhaps you could consider specifying --with-external-libupnp
>> and --with-external-talloc in your ./configure.  If there are any
>> changes you need to libupnp3, I would be pleased to receive suggestions
>> in the BTS.  IANADD so I can't upload for you, sorry.
> PS: Shall I remove from the original sources 'libupnp' and 'talloc' and rename the package to be
> DFSG, or it's OK to distribute upstream sources like that ?

By far the best is to talk to upstream and get them to remove the
embedded code copies along with any patches needed to build properly.

Personally I wouldn't bother stripping the embedded code copies from
the orig.tar.gz. I would add 'rm -rf libupnp talloc' to debian/rules
just before the ./configure call so that there is no chance of the
package being built against the embedded code copies though.

If you do strip the embedded code copies from the orig.tar.gz, it is
inappropriate to add +dfsgX to the upstream version number because you
aren't stripping for DFSG-related reasons. +dsX for "Debian Source" is
what the devref or policy recommends for non-DFSG repacking IIRC,
please read about that though, I could be wrong.



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