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Re: RFS: deejayd (updated package)

Alexandre Rossi wrote:
>> And the script doesn't correctly handle the case where the default file
>> has been removed (it expects the vars to be always defined). The Xsession
>> script doesn't handle an unset DEEJAYD_DISPLAYNAME and DEEJAYD_XAUTHORITY
>> vars either. [ -r ] is evaluated to true.
> [ -r ] behaves correctly both with bash and sh on my lenny box. Not
> sure I understand what to do here.

What I meant was that:
$ foo=/foo/bar; [ -r $foo ] && echo hello world
$ unset foo; [ -r $foo ] && echo hello world
hello world
$ unset foo; [ -r "$foo" ] && echo hello world

> Thanks a lot for the comments. I'll upload an updated version once I
> have implemented something to ensure the X server is ready in
> debian/deejayd.deejayd-xserver.init do_start() (and something better
> than "sleep 2").


Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
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