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Re: RFS: deejayd (updated package)


> Whenever that happens you should report them. I just did it: #536405

Thanks and noted.

>> To sum up the changelog, this new version :
>> - is a new upstream version that fixes a lot,
>> - fixes the build with python 2.6 (change of install locations),
> Which fixes an ubuntu bug but you are not closing it. The syntax is LP:
> #nnnn

Bug references added.

> debian/50...:
>> tmpauthfile=`mktemp -p /tmp deejayd-reuse.XXXXXX`
> why do you specify a directory instead of letting mktemp find one on its
> own?
> debian/deejayd?deejayd-xserver.init
>> if [ -z "`hostname --version 2>&1 | grep GNU`" ]; then
> if ! hostname --version 2>&1 | grep -q GNU; then
>> xserverauthfile=`mktemp -p /tmp serverauth.XXXXXXXXXX`
> same as above

Cut and paste from /usr/bin/startx, fixed.

> And the script doesn't correctly handle the case where the default file has
> been removed (it expects the vars to be always defined). The Xsession
> script doesn't handle an unset DEEJAYD_DISPLAYNAME and DEEJAYD_XAUTHORITY
> vars either. [ -r ] is evaluated to true.

[ -r ] behaves correctly both with bash and sh on my lenny box. Not
sure I understand what to do here.

Anyway, I added default values for required variables.

> And:
> $ checkbashisms -x debian/50deejayd_steal-session
> script debian/50deejayd_steal-session does not appear to have a #!
> interpreter line;
> you may get strange results
> possible bashism in debian/50deejayd_steal-session line 7 (should be 'b =
> a'):
>    if [ "$DEEJAYD_XSERVER_METHOD" == "reuse" ]; then


Thanks a lot for the comments. I'll upload an updated version once I
have implemented something to ensure the X server is ready in
debian/deejayd.deejayd-xserver.init do_start() (and something better
than "sleep 2").


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